Believe me, I am trying so hard. The doldrums just won't go. The virtual letters I tap create the messages I have been wanting to say to you since you left. My thoughts appear on the text box: Will you hold my hand the next time we meet? I miss you. I want you. Please... Continue Reading →

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Hagdanang Aabot Sa Langit

Nasimulan ko nang buuin yung hagdanang aabot sa langit. Nailatag ko na ang mga pako, yung kola para mas matibay. Nakapagsibak na ako ng kahoy, at nakapaghinang na ako nung bakal na magiging tapakan ko—saktong sakto sa sukat ng aking paa. Bawat piraso’y masusi ko nang napag-isipan. Kumpleto na yung plano ng hagdan, gaano kataas,... Continue Reading →

Journal entry, May 4, 2014

Fact: I don't actually scribble on (or own for that matter) a diary, but the writer in me needs to impress his feelings on some medium to prevent random implosions. Intended profanity ahead.I was not expecting anything new from my normal Sunday routine. My Sundays always start at 7 AM, after waking from a jarring alarm... Continue Reading →


I choose to forget you. I will bury the fragments of you somewhere my consciousness cannot reach. The clink of beer bottles, the orange of your shirt, the stupid cereal freebie, the smiley on my planner page― these will all vanish to oblivion. The pillows will never again stifle the sobs that were not meant... Continue Reading →

Slow Down

You are obsessed with the rush. You are caught up in a web of too much responsibility. It is bothersome when you don’t get what you want this instant. You hate waiting as much as you hate the people you try so hard to please. You dwell so much on your mistakes. Maybe it’s just... Continue Reading →


I type your name on that little box on my social network’s crest. Naturally, you are first on my auto-appear results list, so I do not bother scrolling down. It is you who I want to see. I hit Enter, with a little more excitement and expectation than usual. It has been months since I... Continue Reading →

Starbucks Christmas

HEY SOCIAL CLIMBERS! Ang galing din ng Starbucks no? Andami nilang pakulo tuwing holiday season, A.K.A. extra-smart marketing strategy para magpayaman.The following list is your guide on what to buy sa Starbucks this Christmas season, kasi saan ka pa nga ba pupunta para gastusin ang iyong ipon/13th month pay di ba? Sabi nga nila, it’s... Continue Reading →

Never forget wh…

Never forget who you are, for surely the world won’t. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you. -Tyrion Lannister, A Song of Ice and Fire

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